What Food To Eat In ICARUS


Food is easy to find and one of the most important things in ICARUS to survive. Because there is a lot of vegetables that you can find in the forest. Things you can harvest from the ground are Carrots, Pumpkins, Squash, and Watermelon.

All the cock many of the things over a campfire, fire pit or fireplace or you can learn how to make the more advanced food. You can use an icebox or refrigerator so the food holds longer. Some food is better than others because they give different stamina, health, water or food and I have made an overview of all the things you can eat in ICARUS.

Food List:

ItemFoodWaterOther EffectsMisc Info
Barbeque Carrot+500+75 Max Stamina
+5% Projectile Damage
Berry Jam+40+125-20% Water ConsumptionCreating Berry Jam requires
the Kitchen Bench
Berries+4+2+50 Max HP
+75 Max Stamina
Harvested from Berry Bushes
Bread+80+125+10 HealthCreating Dough requires
the Kitchen Bench
Carrot+200+ 10 Max HealthHarvested from the ground
Charred Corn+500+75 Max Stamina
-10% Stamina Consumed by Actions
Cooked Fish+800+ 75 Max Stamina
+20% Stamina Regen
+30 Health when Consumed
Cooked Meat+1000+75 Max Health
+ 20% Health Regen %
+20 Health when Consumed
Spoils after 1600sec
Cooked Prime Meat+1500+100 Max Stamina
+150 Max Health
+30 Health when Consumed
+20 Health per minute
+5% Experience Gained
Creamed Corn+1000+75 Max Stamina
+150 Max Health
-10% Stamina Consumed by Actions
Crumbed Fish Fillet+1500+75 Max Stamina
+15% Stamina Regen
+150 Max Health
Flatbread+500+100% Stamina Regen
+10 Health
+10% Water Consumption
Creating Dough requires
the Kitchen Bench
Fruit Pie+1500+75 Max Health
+150 Max Stamina
-15% Water Consumption
-15% Oxygen Consumption
Fruit Salad+1000+75 Max Stamina
+75 Max Health
-10% Oxygen Consumption
-10% Water Consumption
Grilled Pumpkin+500+75 Max Stamina
+5% Exposure Resistance
Meat Pie+1500+15% Stamina Regen
+225 Max Health
+15% Health Regen %
+15% Exposure Resistance
Mushroom Soup+500+75 Max Stamina
+5% Stamina Regen
Pickled Carrot+150+150+20% Projectile Damage
Pumpkin+200+10 Max HealthHarvested from the ground
Pumpkin Bread+1500+150 Max Stamina
+15% Exposure Resistance
Raw Fish+150
Raw Meat+200Dropped from most mammals.
Spoils after 600sec
Roast Squash+500+75 Max Stamina
+5% Melee Damage
Vegetable Pie+1500+150 Max Stamina
+150 Max Health
-15% Stamina Consumed by Actions
+15% Melee Damage
Wild Salad+1000+150 Max Stamina
+10% Exposure Resistance
+10% Melee Damage