How To Get Water In ICARUS


You can get water in many ways and there is some Water source that you can craft to make it easier or you can build your base next to a lake. In the early game, you can drink water from a lake or eat berries to get water and then learn how to craft the different water sources.

It is a good idea to craft a waterskin to contain water in, you can learn how to make it in the tech tree.

Water SourceEffectMisc
Berries+ 4 Food
+ 2 Water
Harvested from Berry Bushes
Beer+ 40 Thirst,
+ 125 Max Stamina,
+ 100% Stamina Regen
Requires a Beer bottle to create.
Rain Reservoir100% Fills Thirst MeterOnly fills via rain.
Used to fill containers – Waterskins.
Waterskin+ 40 ThirstCan be filled at any water source
Slowly lose water over time
Wine+ 40 Thirst
+ 125 Max Stamina
+ 100% Stamina Regen
Requires a Wine bottle to create.

What does the different water source cost?

For all the water sources except berries, you will have to learn how to craft them before you can do it – learn them in the Tech Tree.

Water SourceMaterials
Beer20 Wheat, 1 Yeast, 1 Beer Bottle
Requires the Kitchen Bench
Rain Reservoir8 Sticks, 24 Wood, 80 Stone, 8 Leather
Requires the Crafting Bench
Waterskin10 Fiber, 12 Leather, 4 Bone
Wine10 Berries, 1 Reed Flower, 1 Wine Bottle
Requires the Kitchen Bench