How To Craft Metal Helm In Palworld

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The Metal Helm in Palworld is a piece of headgear crafted at the High-Quality Workbench. It offers decent protection for early to mid-game players, providing moderate defense against physical attacks. While not the most powerful helmet in the game, it’s easily accessible and serves as a solid upgrade throughout your initial progression.

Gather Resources:

  • 20 Ingots: Ingots are basic metal materials obtained by smelting various ores like Iron Ore or Copper Ore. Mine these ores and use a Furnace to process them into Ingots.
  • 10 Paldium Fragments: Paldium Fragments are rarer materials compared to Ingots. You can find them by:
    • Defeating higher-level Pal enemies, especially metal-type Pals.
    • Breaking certain environmental objects in specific areas.
    • Trading with other players or purchasing them from shops (availability may vary).

Craft the Metal Helm:

  • Head to a High-Quality Workbench. These are typically found in towns or settlements.
  • Open the crafting menu and navigate to the “Armor” section.
  • Locate the “Metal Helm” recipe and ensure you have the required resources (20 Ingots and 10 Paldium Fragments).
  • Craft the Metal Helm.

Additional Tips:

  • As you progress, you’ll find better helmets with superior protection. However, the Metal Helm remains a valuable early-game option due to its ease of acquisition.
  • Remember, Palworld offers varied gameplay styles. If taming and breeding Pals is your focus, prioritize gear that benefits your Pals rather than just your character.

Crafting Cost:

Metal Helm Palworld