How To Craft Fluffy Pal bed In Palworld

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The Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld is a mid-game upgrade over the basic Straw Bed. Compared to its scratchy predecessor, this plush mattress promotes deeper sleep for your Pals, resulting in:

  • Faster health regeneration: Keep your Pals fighting fit and ready for action.
  • Improved sanity restoration: Ensure your Pals stay happy and productive.
  • Overall morale boost: Contented Pals work harder and contribute more to your Palworld empire.

Gather the Materials:

  • 10 Cloth: Spin fibers obtained from harvesting plants like Cotton or gathering Silk from Cocoons.
  • 30 Wood: Chop down trees with any cutting tool to collect this abundant resource.
  • 5 Nails: Craft these by smelting ores into ingots and processing them further at a workbench.
  • 10 Fiber: Extract from plants or harvest from Cocoons like Cloth.

Unlock the Recipe:

Head to the Technology Tree (Menu > Technology) and navigate to Tier 24 (“Base Building Technologies”). You’ll need 2 Tech Points to unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed blueprint.

Build the Bed:

Open the crafting menu (B key) and select the “Infrastructure” tab. Find the Fluffy Pal Bed icon and voila! Craft as many as you need for your growing Pal family.

Tips :

Bonus Tips for Optimal Pampering:

  • Strategic Placement: Arrange beds near food and water sources for easy access after waking up.
  • Variety is Key: Offer different bed types to cater to individual Pal preferences. Some Pals might enjoy hammocks or water beds!
  • Decorate! Surround the beds with flowers, toys, or other decorations to create a truly inviting retreat.
  • Monitor Sanity: Keep an eye on your Pals’ sanity levels and ensure they get enough rest in their fluffy havens.

Remember, happy and well-rested Pals are productive Pals! By providing them with comfortable accommodations like the Fluffy Pal Bed, you’ll ensure a thriving and successful Palworld experience.

Crafting Cost:

Fluffy Pal Bed Palworld