How To Get Rare Flower In Ark Survival Evolved

How To Get Rare Flower In Ark?

The rare flower is a common resource in Ark, but it takes time to farm a lot of them. There are different ways to get rare flowers, you can harvest them from plants like cattails, brambles, and pitcher plants in swamps and red branched bushes near mountain tops, shorty spiky shrubs in snowy areas, and can be found in giant beaver dam.

You can farm them by hand, but it will take a lot of time. The fastest way to farm them is to use a dinosaur like Mammoth, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Castoroides, or a Bronto, they are dinosaurs that a used to farm plants. You can be lucky to find a big stack of them in a giant beaver dam, but then I will recommend to take a flying dinosaur, because they can help you carry them. Or use Moschops to gather them for you, they just need protection from other animals while they are gathering.

You can use the rare flower to tame some dinosaurs: Lystrosaurus, Moschops, Microraptor, and Giant Bee

What to craft with rare flowers?

  • Re-Fertilizer
  • Lesser Antidote
  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Battle Tartare
  • Mindwipe Tonic