DOP 3: Displace One Part Level 1-50

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DOP 3: Displace One Part Gameplay Level 1-50

Level 1: Improve The Eyesight
– Take the glasses and place them on him

Level 2: Send Him Flying
– Place the lighter on the rope

Level 3: Build A Backpack
– Place the burger, shirt, and book in the backpack

Level 4: Save Him
– Give him all the clothes on

Level 5: Clean It Up
– Use the scissors to cut his hair, then place the other things on him

Level 6: Score A Goal
– Place the mask, ice hockey glove, and hockey stick on him

Level 7: Hide From The Guards
– Place all the clothes on him

Level 8: Make His Dream Come True
– Place all the things on him

Level 9: Find The Chicks
– Place the bird’s nest, then the eggs, and the bird

Level 10: Get Rid Of The Vampire
– Place the sun in the window, then the light bulb in the lamp and the garlic in his mouth

Level 11: Find Love
– Place the two mosquito

Level 12: Put On Protection
– Place the gloves, underpants, and helmet on him

Level 13: Juggle Balls
– Place the pink ball to the right, green to the left, and blue in the middle

Level 14: Help Cross The Road
– Place the pedestrian crossing on the road and the lightning in the top

Level 15: Clean Him Up
– Place the wig, glasses, and mouthpiece on him

Level 16: Call The Rain
– Place all the things on him

Level 17: Get Him Tidied Up
– Place the glasses, Christmas hat, and beard on him

Level 18: Color By Number
– Number 1 is yellow, 2 is blue and 3 is red

Level 19: Help The Streamer
– Place the controller, headset, and light on her

Level 20: Hide Fruits
– Orange in the bra, Melon on the stomach, and pineapple in the hair

Level 21: Put On The Grills
– Place the things on his teeth

Level 22: Help Him To Get Rich
– Use the shovel, then the money and water

Level 23: Wake Up The Dog
– Place the railway tracks, then the train, and the controller

Level 24: Save The Astronaut
– Place all the things on him

Level 25: Make A Potion
– Place all the things in the pot

Level 26: Get Pumped Up For Summer
– Place the shirt, then the pump behind him and the balloons on his shoulders

Level 27: Show A Trick
– Place the box and then use the saw

Level 28: Fly In A Hot Air Balloon
– Place the metal thing in the top, then fire it up and cut the rope

Level 29: Win At The Exhibition
– Place the box, then the tomato, and use the syringe

Level 30: Catch A Fish
– Place the cork, then the fishing line, and then the worm

Level 31: Assemble The Spinner
– Place the orange one in the orange, blue in blue, and green in green

Level 32: Find The Harmony
– Place all the things on him

Level 33: Fix The Fountain
– Place the water tank, then the statue, and the red wheel

Level 34: Get Candies
– Place the pumpkin in his hand, sheet over him, and place the touch on him

Level 35: Get Black Belt
– Place wood, then stone, and last brick

Level 36: Get Her Cleaned Up
– Place all the things on her

Level 37: Find The Treasure
– Place the 3 colored stone

Level 38: Help!
– Take the voodoo doll and place the pink and green needle in it

Level 39: Complete The Picture
– Place the things on the elephant

Level 40: Feed The Lizard
– Place the meat on the plate, then head it up with the thermostat

Level 41: Make A Composite Sketch
– Place chin, then eyes, and last the hat

Level 42: Save The Plane
– Place the controller and then the windshield wiper

Level 43: Get Ready For The Movie
– Place the things on him

Level 44: Light The Garland
– Place the power outlet, then place the light and the tape

Level 45: Find A Princess
– Give the guard the beer, the mead to the dog, and key to the door

Level 46: Eat The Corn Quickly
– Place the things on the screw machine

Level 47: Pretend To Work
– Place the post-it on his eyes and use the touch on them

Level 48: Save From The Ghost
– Place the things on him

Level 49: Put It All In The Wallet
– Place green card over the yellow card, phone to the right, and open the wallet for the money

Level 50: Find The Egg
– Place the feathers on the hen