DOP 3: Displace One Part Level 51-100

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DOP 3: Displace One Part Gameplay Level 51-100

Level 51: Straighten The Teeth
– Place the teeth and then the braces

Level 52: Feed The Mouse
– Place the cheese on the plate, then file the cat claws and place the fish on the cat

Level 53: Help him fall asleep
– Place the night glasses on him, then the sheep and the wooden fence in the dream

Level 54: Find a mammoth
– Place the things on the elephant

Level 55: Teach him to swim
– Place the things on him

Level 56: Send a letter
– Place the letter inside the envelope, then close it and place the other things on it

Level 57: Drink a coffee
– Place the glass under the coffee machine, then fill it with water and coffee

Level 58: Dress up the doll
– Place all the things on the doll

Level 59: Pull out a tooth
– Place the door handle, then give the girl the lollipop and place the rope

Level 60: Help pass the exam
– Place the loop on the shirt, then the paper on the teachers back and the pen on her leg

Level 61: Assemble the spinner
– Place each thing on the spinner

Level 62: Who is he watching?
– Place the binoculars in his hand and place the round thing at the top of it

Level 63: Help him fall asleep
– Place all the things on him

Level 64: Grow Hair
– Place the seeds on his head, then water it and color it

Level 65: Launch a rocket
– Place the wooden board, then the bottle, and the pump

Level 67: Find a plane
– Take the gray building up and place the monkey and the girl in the monkey’s hand

Level 68: Color by number
– 1 is cream-colored (The pig), 2 is brown (the mud), 3 is pink (the farm)

Level 69: Make a discovery
– Place the plant, then water is and cuts the apple

Level 70: Amuse the audience
– Place the things on him to look like a clown

Level 71: Run the clock
– Place the displays, then the bell, and then the bird

Level 72: Assemble the puzzle
– Place the things in the diagram

Level 73: Take a swing
– Give the boy all the food

Level 74: Weave the wreath
– Place all the flowers on her head

Level 75: Take a shower
– Give him the brush and the showerhead and then place the shower curtain

Level 76: Find a princess
– Place the kiss in the middle of the grass

Level 77: Get her attention
– Give him the burger, then place the extra weight and put on the belt

Level 78: Crack a nut
– Place the sword in his hand then place the nut in his mouth

Level 79: Find a superhero
– Place the barrel, then place the sign and the spider inside the barrel

Level 80: Where to put the coin?
– Place the things on the stool, then place the coin inside it

Level 80: Make a pitch
– Place the net, then the ball from the *?* in his hand

Level 81: Assemble stained glass
– Place each form at the picture

Level 82: Get rid of the pimple
– Use the needle, then the cotton swab, and place the band air after

Level 83: Save from viruses
– Place each thing on him

Level 84: Cook the steak
– place the grill, then the beef and the dressing

Level 85: Watch the movie
– Place the CD Player, then put in the cd and turn on the TV

Level 86: Make him king
– Place each thing on him

Level 87: Protect the host
– Place each thing on him

Level 88: Find a rabbit
– Place the Magic wand in his hand, then place the hat on the table

Level 89: Find the magic wand
– Give everything to the flower

Level 90: Catch a ball
– Take up the extra arms and place gloves on them

Level 91: Assemble pop it
– Place everything on the picture

Level 92: Make horse fun
– Place it all on the horse

Level 93: Calm the mermaid
– Place the sun on the sky and the other things on her

Level 94: Treat the pirate
– Place all on him

Level 95: Put out a tooth
– Place glasses and the pliers on the doctor and give the man the syringe

Level 96: Solve the equations
– Magic wand + hat = rabbit
– Hand + dumbbell = strong
– Ballons + shoe = clown

Level 97: Get more tips
– Place all the things on her

Level 98: Read a book
– Smash the tablet, cut the TV and place the book in his hand

Level 99: Fix the car
– Place the handle, put the motor and oil on the car

Level 100: Eat a sandwich with sauce
. Place the sandwich on the plate, then put the tomato in the bottle