How To Get Charcoal In Ark Survival Evolved

How to get Charcoal?

Charcoal is a resource that is used to craft different items, it is a very common resource. You can make charcoal by burning wood or fungal wood in a campfire, standing torch, wall torch, cooking pot, refining forge, stone fireplace, or in an industrial forge. It is a very easy resource to make, but it will take some time to make many of them. The fastest way to make a lot of charcoal is in the industrial forge. You will always get 100 charcoal from 100 wood.

The map The Center you can gather charcoal from the Burnt Trees on Lava Biome, Half-Burnt Island, and Scorched Island. On the map Ragnarok, it can be gathered from the Burnt Trees on Volcano Plains. On Valguero, Charcoal can be gathered from the Burnt Trees on The Great Trench.

What can you craft with charcoal?

There are 12 items you can make from charcoal and gunpowder is the most crafted item from charcoal:
– Black Coloring
– Blue Coloring
– Brown Coloring
– Green Coloring
– Gunpowder
– Orange Coloring
– Poison Grenade
– Purple Coloring
– Red Coloring
– Smoke Grenade
– White Coloring
– Yellow Coloring