Brain Love Story – Brain Puzzle Games Level 61-80

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Level 61: Make It Clear
– Draw the other side of the glasses

Level 62: Fix her supersuit
– Draw her missing leg

Level 63: Famous Statue
– Draw the missing piece of the statue

Level 64: Help the princess
– Draw the missing shoe

Level 65: Don’t Let Her Fall
– Draw the rope

Level 66: UFO
– Draw the missing piece of the UFO

Level 67: This Apple Is Edible
– Delete the worm from the apple

Level 68: She wants To Swim
– Delete her clothes

Level 69: Something is wrong
– Delete the cabinet

Level 70: Behind the clothes
– Delete the purple dress

Level 71: Find a boyfriend for her
– Delete the fat man to make him thin

Level 72: Fix his car
– Delete the dirt on the car

Level 73: Who is the thief?
– Search on the old man’s stomach

Level 74: Who is the criminal?
– Search on the woman’s stomach and the suitcase

Level 75: What are they hiding?
– Search on the woman’s bra and the man’s left pocket

Level 76: Their Secret
– Search on the woman’s left leg

Level 77: How did the prisoner escape?
– Search on the picture on the wall

Level 78: What is in her dress?
– Search under the dress

Level 79: Let’s Exercise
– Place the woman on the treadmill

Level 80: Make her happy
– Place the bra on the woman