Brain Love Story – Brain Puzzle Games Level 41-60

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Level 41: Eye Protection
– Place the sunglasses on the woman

Level 42: Makeup
– Place the makeup on the woman

Level 43: Fix Her Rope
– Draw the missing rope

Level 44: Romantic
– Draw the missing piece of the rose

Level 45: First half
– Draw the missing piece of the football

Level 46: You will be surprised
– Draw the flashlight

Level 47: Fix the fan
– Draw the missing piece of the fan

Level 48: This Shield Can’t Block
– Draw the missing piece of the shield

Level 49: Pregnant Ladies?
– Delete the purple shirt on the woman

Level 50: Something Wrong?
– Delete the apron on the woman

Level 51: Who She Really Is?
– Delete the makeup

Level 52: How To Create A Masterpiece?
– Delete the arms on the statue

Level 53: Don’t Look at my girlfriend
– Delete the sandcastles

Level 54: Breaking Ball
– Delete the ball

Level 55: Reveal The Truth
– Search on man’s stomach and the woman’s leg

Level 56: What is in the candy house?
– Search on the candy house to find a face

Level 57: Who is pregnant?
– Search on the purple stomach

Level 58: Where is the treasure?
– Search the boxes on the ground

Level 59: Save the girl
– Search on the left chest

Level 60: Is this angel real?
– Search on the breasts