Brain Love Story – Brain Puzzle Games Level 21-40

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Level 21: Her Clothes are missing
– Draw the right side of the top

Level 22: Fix Her Crown
– Draw the last of the crown

Level 23: Creepy Pumpkin
– Draw the missing side of the pumpkin

Level 24: Fix the TV
– Draw the wire

Level 25: Sexy girl
– Delete the shirt

Level 26: Clean Her Car
– Delete the dirt on the car

Level 27: Who Is The Murder
– Delete the handbag on the woman

Level 28: What Is He Doing?
– Delete the bush in the front of the woman

Level 29: Someone Is Hiding
– Delete the right side of the cabinet

Level 30: Balance In All Things
– Delete one weight block on the left side

Level 31: Find Her Medical Tool
– Search on the woman leg

Level 32: Find All Items
– Search on the woman leg and the doctor’s cape

Level 33: What Are They Hiding?
– Search on the woman leg and bra

Level 34: Look Inside
– Search on her bra, right leg, and stomach

Level 35: Duck And Soap
– Search on the yellow ring and over her head

Level 36: Is She A Criminal?
– Search on her stomach and bra

Level 37: Ghost!
– Put the flashlight in his hand

Level 38: Equally Divided
– Take the scissors and cut the blanket

Level 39: Save Her!
– Take the power gun and place it on the man

Level 40: Make Her Feel Good
– Take the purple thing and place it on her head