Brain Love Story – Brain Puzzle Games Level 1-20

YouTube video

Level 1: Fix The Chain
– Draw the Chain to the ball

Level 2: Make Her Happy
– Draw the facemask

Level 3: Connect Water Pipe
– Draw the missing piece of pipe

Level 4: Breakfast Is Ready
– Draw the missing cake

Level 5: Kneed Dough
– Draw the missing piece of the cake roll

Level 6: Where Is Her Hair?
– Draw the other side of the hair

Level 7: Make Her Pretty
– Remove the freckles

Level 8: More View?
– Remove the shirt

Level 9: Who Is Behind?
– Delete the curtain

Level 10: Something Wrong?
– Delete the bottom of the bed

Level 11: Help Her Sunbathe
– Delete the clothes

Level 12: Make Him Pretty
– Delete the sunglasses

Level 13: What Are They Hiding?
– Search om the woman to the right: leg
– Search on the woman to the left: bra

Level 14: Reveal The Truth
– Search on the woman: Leg
– Search on the man: Neck

Level 15: Something’s In The Bathtub
– Search in the bathtub

Level 16: Scary Mummy
– Search on the mummy

Level 17: Something Not Right?
– Search on the woman bra

Level 18: Who Is Dangerous?
– Search on the woman leg and stomach

Level 19: Fix Her Hairdryer
– Draw the wire from the hairdryer to the wall

Level 20: Fix His Smartphone
– Draw the last piece of the phone