How To Get Heartwood In Palia?

Heartwood Palia

Heartwood Planks are a precious crafting material in Palia that is employed to craft strong items like furniture and weaponry. It may be gained by chopping down Pine trees in Bahari Bay, but you’ll need an enhanced ax to do so. The standard ax won’t be able to harm the trees, so you’ll have to purchase or create a more powerful one.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of how to acquire Heartwood in Palia:

  1. Upgrade your axe:

For you to be able to harm the Pine trees that drop Heartwood Planks, you must upgrade your axe to at least the Standard Axe. The Standard Axe recipe may be obtained from Ashura at the Foraging Guild Store for 250 Gold.

2. Travel to Bahari Bay:

Bahari Bay is the sole place in Palia where you can discover Pine trees that drop Heartwood Planks. The trees are scattered all throughout the bay, therefore locating them shouldn’t be too difficult.

3. Cleave down the trees:

After you’ve discovered a Pine tree, you may begin hacking it up with your ax. It will take a few strokes to fell the tree, so be patient.

4. Collect the Heartwood :

As soon as the tree has been felled, it will shed a number of Heartwood. The number of planks you get will depend on the size of the tree.

5. Use the Sawmill:

Place the Heartwood in a Sawmill, then it will create Heartwood Planks after a few minutes. 1 Heartwood will be 1 heartwood plank.

Additional suggestions for obtaining Heartwood in Palia:

  • Join up with your pals: You can alternate chopping down the trees to make the process go faster if you’re playing with friends.
  • Make use of food benefits: There are a variety of food benefits that can increase your harvesting speed, which may make it faster to chop down trees.
  • Level up your axe: The faster you can chop down trees, the higher the level of your ax.
  • Be patient: Finding enough Heartwood Planks to create the items you want may take some time, so be patient and keep searching.
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