How To Get Silver In Palia?

Copper Ore Palia

Silver Ore is a rare secondary drop from Copper Ore nodes. The most common way to find Silver Ore is to mine Copper Ore nodes in Kilima Valley, particularly in areas around or on cliff walls. Medium and large Copper Ore nodes have a higher chance of dropping Silver Ore than small Copper Ore nodes.

Here are some specific locations where you can find Silver Ore in Kilima Valley:

  • South of Chapel Crossing: This area has a high concentration of medium and large Copper Ore nodes, making it a good spot to farm Silver Ore.
  • Near the bridge to the Windward Coast: This area also has a good number of Copper Ore nodes, and you may also encounter Proudhorned Stag Beetles, which can be a nuisance but drop valuable items like Silver Ore and Copper Ore.
  • Around the Kilima Village marketplace: This area has a mix of Copper Ore nodes of different sizes, so you’re more likely to find Silver Ore here.

In addition to mining Copper Ore nodes, you can also get Silver Ore from the following sources:

  • As a reward for completing certain quests: For example, the quest “The Backbone of the Community” requires you to gather Silver Ore.
  • As a rare drop from monsters: Some monsters in Palia have a small chance to drop Silver Ore when they are defeated.
  • As a trade item: You can sometimes find Silver Ore being sold by merchants in Palia.

Once you have collected Silver Ore, you can smelt it down in a smelter to make Silver Bars. Silver Bars are used in a variety of crafting recipes, including furniture and accessories.

Here are some tips for farming Silver Ore:

  • Use a good mining pick: A higher-level mining pick will give you a better chance of breaking Copper Ore nodes and getting Silver Ore as a drop.
  • Break as many Copper Ore nodes as you can: The more Copper Ore nodes you break, the more likely you are to find Silver Ore.
  • Be patient: Silver Ore is a rare drop, so it may take some time to find it.
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