How To Get Sapwood In Palia?

Sapwood Palia

There are two main ways to get Sapwood Planks in Palia: by gathering Sapwood from trees and by crafting them at a Sawmill.

Requirements for gathering Sapwood in Palia:

  • Foraging skill level 1
  • Axe tool


  • Equip your Axe tool and head to an area with deciduous trees. There are two main types of deciduous trees in Palia:
    • Kilima Valley: Sapwood trees in Kilima Valley have green leaves.
    • Bahari Bay: Sapwood trees in Bahari Bay have orange leaves.
  • Right-click on a Sapwood tree to start chopping it down. Each successful chop will yield 1 Sapwood.

Crafting Sapwood Planks

Requirements for Crafting Sapwood Planks:

  • Foraging skill level 2
  • Basic Sawmill


  • Purchase the Basic Sawmill recipe from Ashura at the Foraging Guild Store. It costs 100 Gold.
  • Craft the Basic Sawmill at your Workbench.
  • Place the Basic Sawmill on your Housing Plot and interact with it.
  • Drag 1 Sapwood into the top slot to start crafting a Sapwood Plank.
  • Wait for the crafting process to complete.
  • Collect the newly made Sapwood Plank.

Additional Tips:

You can increase your Foraging skill by gathering other items, such as flowers, spices, mushrooms, moss, or beach items.
You can buy Sapwood Planks from the Blacksmith for 4 Gold each.
You can also find Sapwood Planks in treasure chests and as rewards for quests.

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