How To Enable/Disable Notification Settings Tekken 8

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Stay focused on your game in Tekken 8 by customizing your Notification Settings! Whether you prefer to be alerted about game updates and events or wish to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience, adjusting your notification preferences is straightforward. This guide will demonstrate how to enable or disable Notification Settings in Tekken 8, allowing you to tailor the game to your liking.

  1. Start Tekken 8: Open Tekken 8 on your gaming device. Ensure you’re on the main menu.
  2. Select Options: From the main menu, navigate to and click on the “Options” button. This action will lead you to the game’s settings menu.
  3. Access Game Option Settings: In the Options menu, find and select “Game Option Settings.” This section contains a variety of customizable options to enhance your gaming experience.
  4. Find Notification Settings Option: Look for the “Notification Settings” option. Here, you can control how the game notifies you about various events and updates.
    • To enable notifications, ensure this option is set to “On.” This setting will allow the game to send you alerts about updates, events, and other relevant information.
    • To disable notifications, select “Off.” Choosing this will ensure that you won’t be disturbed by in-game alerts, allowing for a more focused gaming session.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve now tailored the Notification Settings in Tekken 8 to match your personal preference. Whether you’ve chosen to stay informed with notifications or opt for a distraction-free environment, these adjustments will help enhance your overall gaming experience. Time to jump back into the action with your customized settings!