How To Change Rollback Setting Tekken 8

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Refine your Tekken 8 experience by mastering the Rollback Settings! These settings are crucial for optimizing online gameplay, ensuring smoother matches with reduced lag. Whether you’re focused on fluid movement, balanced play, or quick response times, this guide will help you navigate and adjust the Rollback Settings in Tekken 8. Get ready to customize your online battles to suit your playstyle and connection needs.

  1. Open Tekken 8: Begin by launching Tekken 8 on your gaming system. Allow the main menu to fully load.
  2. Head to Options: From the main menu, select the “Options” button. This will bring you to the main settings area of the game.
  3. Enter Game Option Settings: In the Options menu, find and click on “Game Option Settings.” Here, you can modify a variety of gameplay settings.
  4. Locate Rollback Setting Option: Search for the “Rollback Setting” option. This feature is designed to enhance your online play experience.
    • Prioritize Fluidity: Selecting this option aims to make the game appear smoother visually, reducing visual stutter during online matches.
    • Standard: This setting provides a balanced approach between fluidity and response, offering a middle ground for general play.
    • Prioritize Response: Opting for this setting focuses on minimizing input delay, ensuring your moves and reactions are as timely as possible.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully tailored the Rollback Settings in Tekken 8 to match your online gaming needs. Whether you’ve chosen to prioritize fluidity, response, or prefer a standard setup, these adjustments can significantly improve your online match experience. Dive back into the action and feel the difference in your next battle. Happy gaming!