How To Change BGM Volume Tekken 8

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Enhance your Tekken 8 experience by fine-tuning the background music to your liking! Whether you want to immerse yourself in the game’s intense soundtrack or prefer a quieter backdrop to focus on the fight, adjusting the BGM (Background Music) volume is simple. This guide will walk you through the steps to modify the BGM volume in Tekken 8, helping you set the perfect audio stage for your battles.

  1. Launch Tekken 8: Open Tekken 8 on your console or PC. Wait for the main menu to appear.
  2. Go to Options: From the main menu, click on the “Options” button. This will lead you to the game’s settings menu.
  3. Enter Sound Option Settings: Within the Options menu, select “Sound Option Settings.” This section is dedicated to audio settings, where you can control various sound aspects of the game.
  4. Adjust BGM Volume: Look for the “BGM Volume” option. Here, you can increase or decrease the background music volume to your preference.
    • Slide the volume bar to the right to increase the BGM volume for a more immersive audio experience.
    • Slide it to the left to lower the volume, which can help if you need to concentrate on the game mechanics or prefer a quieter environment.

There you have it! You’ve successfully adjusted the BGM volume in Tekken 8 to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’ve pumped up the jams or toned them down, these settings ensure that your auditory experience in Tekken 8 is exactly as you want it. Now, get back to the game and enjoy your battles with your customized sound settings!