How To Craft SCUBA Armor In Ark Survival Evolved?

You can craft SCUBA armor as late-game clothes in Ark. You need to get many things to craft it like hides, fiber, chitin, metal ingots, cementing paste, silica pearls, polymer, and crystals. It is very expensive to craft. It will give 0 armor and provides -15 heat protection and 270 cold protection. But each piece has a different effect. You need a refining forge and a fabricator to craft it.

A full SCUBA set you need: 87 hides, 23 fiber, 12 chitin, 16 metal ingots, 6 cementing paste, 7 silica pearls, 43 polymer, and 10 crystals. SCUBA armor is also called swim clothes in Ark. You can find Silica pearls underwater or in beaver dams.

What are the effect on each item?

SCUBA Tank: will restore 20 Oxygen per second while you are under water. You can swim for as long as the tank last.

SCUBA Leggings: you will get 200 cold protection under water, but not on land.

SCUBA Flibbers: Your swim speed in water will be 2,5 but you are slow on land.

SCUBA Mask: You can see better under water.

A complete SCUBA armor set will be:

SCUBA ArmorCrafting Cost:Required level:Cold protectionHeat protection
Tank20 Hide
8 Fiber
14 Metal ingot
3 Polymer
Leggings40 Hide
4 Fiber
2 Metal ingot
40 Polymer
Flibbers12 Hide
5 Fiber
6 Cementing Paste
12 Chitin
4 Silica Pearls
Mask15 Hide
6 Fiber
10 Crystals
3 Silica Pearls