Brain Crack Level 40-55

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Brain Crack Game Level 40-55

Level 40: Control the spider to get the candy.
– Turn your phone upside down

Level 41: The answer is?
– Answer is 223456

Level 42: Stop the rain.
– Rain+bow

Level 43: Eliminate those flies.
– Drag the window screen and Close the window first then tap flies

Level 44: Press the button to pass this level.
– Hold the button for more than 5 seconds

Level 45: Which cup has the most of water?
– The one that you use to pour water

Level 46: Move 1 stick to make the smallest number.
– Answer is – 976

Level 47: What’s the right letter after ´G´?
– Answer is H

Level 48: What’s the number under the question mark?
– Answer is 12

Level 49: Head or tail?
– Change your answer before the coin stops.

Level 50: Collect all coins.
– Enlarge the collect bar

Level 51: Count the red squares!
– Answer is 9

Level 52: Where is my phone?
– See video – to the right button corner.

Level 53: How many cuts do you need to get 4 equal parts?
– Answer is 1

Level 54: Click the button with the same color as shown.
– Just click the right color

Level 55: How to become wealthy?
– Tap book behind the man