Brain Crack Level 21-40

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Brain Crack Game Level 21-40

Level 21: Where is my baseball?
– Tap popcorn and you can see baseball

Level 22: Wake up the kid.
– Tap the kid again and again

Level 23: Put out the fire!
– Flip your phone for 3 seconds

Level 24: How many candies are inside this candy jar after you put 3 candies in?
– Answer is 5

Level 25: Stop the rain!
– Put the mane and the clock together and put them outside

Level 26: How many cuts do you need to make into 8 equal pieces?
– Answer is 3

Level 27: Hit the baseball.
– Rotate your device then you can hit it

Level 28: I want a fresh apple.
– Tap the word apple 3 times in the text and give the new apple to the boy

Level 29: Help him to reach the peak!
– Drag the title below the king

Level 30: Turn on all the lights.
– Press both two sides of the last switch.

Level 31: Find 10 fishes.
– Turn off the light to find the hidden lantern fish

Level 32: Turn on this old TV.
– Plugin the power and install the antenna then shake your phone

Level 33: Find the oasis
– Make the background bigger

Level 34: Find the soda!
– Shake the soda. Real soda has bubbles

Level 35: Go home.
– Go through the left of the screen. use left button

Level 36: Help him out!
– Enlarge the door and drag the boy to the door

Level 37: Pick three numbers that add up to 15.
– Press 7 two times and then 1. 7+7+1

Level 38: Tap everything to win.
– Tap Everything

Level 39: Kill the fish.
– Drag the fish to the knife

Level 40: Control the spider to get the candy.
– Turn your phone upside down