How To Craft Chitin Armor In Ark Survival Evolved

How to get Chitin in Ark?

You can craft Chitin armor as the mid-tier clothes in Ark. You need to get chitin, hide, and fiber to craft it. Chitin armor is good to use for protection and gives 50 armor from each piece, to complete a chitin set will cost 82 Chitin, 40 hide, and 18 fibers. For a full chitin set, it will give 250 armor and provides -35 heat protection and 42 cold protection. You need to craft a smithy to craft it.

Chitin is a resource that you can get from killing animals. you need to harvest them with a metal hatchet, pickaxe, or stone hatchet. Animals that give chitin are: Araneo, Dung Beetle, Meganeura, Pulmonoscorpius, Titanomyrma, Trilobite or you can get it in a supply crate.

If you tame an Equus it has a weight reduction with chitin, so it can carry 50% more. Chitin is a resource that is used for many things like saddles, cementing paste, gear, or attachment.

A complete chitin armor set will be:

Chitin Helmet – Chitin Chestpiece – Chitin Gauntlets – Chitin Leggings – Chitin Boots

Chitin armorCrafting Cost:Required level:Cold protectionHeat protection
Helmet15 Chitin
7 Hide
5 Fiber
Chestpiece20 Chitin
10 Hide
4 Fiber
Gauntlets10 Chitin
5 Hide
2 Fiber
Leggings25 Chitin
12 Hide
5 Fiber
Boots12 Chitin
6 Hide
4 Fiber