How To Craft Monitoring Stand In Palworld

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The Monitoring Stand in Palworld is a useful tool that allows you to command your base Pals and optimize their work. Here’s how to craft and use one:

Materials Required:

  • 30 Wood
  • 10 Stone

Crafting Steps:

  1. Gather the Resources: Make sure you have enough Wood and Stone in your inventory. You can gather Wood by chopping down trees and Stone by mining rocks.
  2. Open the Crafting Menu: Press the “Tab” key to open the crafting menu.
  3. Locate the Monitoring Stand: Navigate through the crafting menu until you find the “Furniture” tab. The Monitoring Stand should be located there.
  4. Craft the Stand: If you have the required materials, select the Monitoring Stand and press the “Craft” button.

Additional Tips:

  • Placement: Place the Monitoring Stand in a strategic location where it can oversee the area where your Pals are working. This will ensure they are always within range of its commands.
  • Multiple Stands: If you have a large base or many Pals, consider crafting multiple Monitoring Stands to cover a wider area and manage your Pals more effectively.
  • Upgrading: As you progress in the game, you can upgrade the Monitoring Stand to increase its range and functionality. This will allow you to control more Pals and issue more complex commands.
  • Work Modes: The Monitoring Stand allows you to set different work modes for your Pals, including “Relax,” “Normal Work,” and “Super Hard Work.” Choose the mode that best suits your needs, keeping in mind that higher work intensity will drain your Pals’ SAN and Stamina faster.
  • Prioritization: You can prioritize specific tasks for your Pals through the Monitoring Stand’s interface. This is useful for directing them to focus on gathering specific resources or completing certain projects.
  • Monitoring: Keep an eye on your Pals’ SAN and Stamina levels while using the Monitoring Stand. Overworking them can lead to negative consequences, so be sure to provide them with breaks and ensure their needs are met.

By following these tips, you can effectively use the Monitoring Stand to improve your Palworld experience and optimize your base’s productivity.

Crafting Cost:

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