How To Craft Arrows In Palworld

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Arrows are a type of ammo in Palworld that can be fired from a bow. They are a valuable tool for hunting, defending yourself from wild Pals, and capturing other Pals.

Craft arrows in Palworld:

  1. Collect the required materials. You will need the following items to craft arrows:
    • Wood: You can find wood by cutting down trees with an axe.
    • Stone: You can find stone by mining rocks with a pickaxe.
  2. Upgrade your Workbench. You will need to upgrade your Workbench to level 3 before you can craft arrows. To do this, you will need the following items:
    • Primitive Workbench: You can craft a Primitive Workbench using the following items:
      • 2 Wood
      • 1 Stone
      • Workbench Upgrade Kit: You can find a Workbench Upgrade Kit in your base or in the world.
  3. Create the Arrow recipe. Once your Workbench is upgraded to level 3, you can craft the Arrow recipe using the following items:
    • Arrows x3: Requires 1 Wood and 1 Stone
    • Fire Arrows x5: Requires 5 Wood, 5 Stone, and 1 Flame Organ
    • Poison Arrows x5: Requires 5 Wood, 5 Stone, and 1 Venom Gland
  4. Craft the arrows. Once you have created the Arrow recipe, you can craft arrows by selecting the recipe on the Workbench and then clicking the “Craft” button.

Tips for using arrows in Palworld:

  • Aim for the head or heart to deal the most damage.
  • Use fire arrows to set Pals on fire.
  • Use poison arrows to poison Pals.
  • Use your Pals to help you hunt and defend yourself.

With a little practice, you will be able to use arrows effectively to become the ultimate Palmaster!

Crafting cost:

Arrow Palworld
Fire Arrow Palworld
Poison Arrow Palworld