How To Craft Mega Shield In Palworld

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This guide will show you how to craft the Mega Shield in Palworld, a powerful defensive tool for your Pal. It also includes additional tips to help you get the most out of your new shield.

Gathering Resources:

  • 5 Ancient Civilization Parts: These rare parts can be obtained by defeating Alpha Pals, dungeon bosses, or opening chests. Focus on farming dungeons around level 13 on the first island, or target specific Alpha Pals like the level 11 Chillet.
  • 30 Paldium Fragments: These are relatively common drops from defeated enemies and can be found in abundance while mining. Focus on exploring caves and mineral deposits to gather them quickly.

Crafting the Mega Shield:

  1. Head to a High-Quality Workbench. You can find these in most towns or build your own using advanced materials.
  2. Open the crafting menu and navigate to the “Shields” tab.
  3. Select the Mega Shield blueprint.
  4. Ensure you have the required resources (5 Ancient Civilization Parts and 30 Paldium Fragments) in your inventory.
  5. Click “Craft” to begin the process.

Additional Tips:

Additional Tips for Using the Mega Shield:

  • The Mega Shield offers excellent defense against both physical and ranged attacks, making it ideal for tanking damage.
  • However, it is quite heavy, slowing down your movement and potentially hindering your Pal’s agility. Consider using it strategically during boss fights or when expecting heavy fire.
  • The Mega Shield can be repaired using additional Paldium Fragments. Keep a stack in your inventory for quick repairs on the go.
  • Remember, shields can also be used offensively! Blocking an attack right before an enemy strikes can create an opening for a counterattack. Master this timing to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Bonus Tip: Consider specializing your Pal further by equipping defensive gear and mutations that enhance their resilience alongside the Mega Shield. This will turn them into an immovable wall against even the strongest opponents!

Crafting Cost:

Mega Shield Palworld