How To Get Coal In Palworld

Coal is a valuable resource in Palworld that is used in various crafting recipes, including making weapons, tools, and structures. To find coal, you’ll need to venture into the desert regions of the game map. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain coal in Palworld:

  1. Gear Up: Before heading into the desert, make sure you have the necessary equipment to withstand the harsh environment. Equip heat-resistant armor to avoid taking damage from the high temperatures. You’ll also need a sturdy pickaxe to mine coal deposits. A Metal Pickaxe is recommended for efficient mining.
  2. Locate Coal Deposits: Coal deposits are typically found in the desert biome, particularly in areas with rocky terrain. Look for large, dark-colored rocks that stand out from the surrounding environment. Coal deposits are typically more angular than other stone or ore deposits.
  3. Mine Coal: Once you’ve identified a coal deposit, equip your pickaxe and start mining it. Any pickaxe can mine coal, but a Metal Pickaxe will make the process faster and more efficient. You can also assign Pals with mining abilities to help you collect coal more quickly.
  4. Farm Coal: If you need a large amount of coal, consider farming it at known coal deposit locations. Some popular farming spots include:
    • Mount Obsidian: This volcanic mountain in the northernmost part of the map has a high concentration of coal deposits.
    • Twilight Dunes: This desert region is a good spot for finding coal deposits, and it’s less hazardous than Mount Obsidian.
  5. Utilize Palbox: To make coal farming more efficient, consider placing a Palbox near your coal deposit locations. This will allow you to quickly store the gathered coal and return to your base without having to carry it manually.
  6. Expand Your Base: Base placement can also impact your coal farming efforts. If you build your base near coal deposits, you can easily assign Pals to mine the area automatically and deposit the coal directly into your base storage.
  7. Explore and Experiment: As you explore the game world, you may discover other coal deposit locations that aren’t listed here. Keep an eye out for dark, angular rocks in desert areas, and don’t hesitate to experiment with different farming strategies to find what works best for you.

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