How To Craft Cooler Box In Palworld

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This guide will cover everything you need to know about crafting and using the Cooler Box in Palworld, including gathering resources, crafting instructions, and additional tips for maximizing its effectiveness.

Gathering Resources:

  • 20 Ingots:
    • Method 1: Mine Iron Ore and smelt it in a Furnace. Iron Ore can be found in most areas, especially near mountains and caves.
    • Method 2: Purchase Ingots from Merchants or other players. Merchants can be found in various settlements, and the availability of items may vary.
  • 20 Stone:
    • Method 1: Gather Stone by hand using your bare fists or a Pickaxe. Stone is abundant in most areas.
    • Method 2: Use a Stone Golem Pal to automatically collect Stone for you. Stone Golems can be captured in the wild or bred.
  • 5 Ice Organs:
    • Method 1: Defeat Polar Bear Pals or Pengullet Pals. They commonly drop Ice Organs, and you can find them in snowy areas.
    • Method 2: Purchase Ice Organs from Merchants or other players. Be aware that they might be rarer and more expensive than other materials.

Building the Cooler Box:

  • Once you have all the necessary resources, open the crafting menu (default key “B”).
  • Navigate to the “Facilities” tab and scroll down to find the “Cooler Box” blueprint.
  • Ensure you have 2 Tech Points available, as it’s required to unlock the blueprint.
  • Click “Craft” to build your Cooler Box. It will be placed in your inventory.

Using the Cooler Box:

  • Place the Cooler Box on the ground in your base.
  • Assign a Pal with the “Cooling” ability to the Cooler Box. Popular choices include Pengullet, Polar Bear, and Yuki Usagi. You can assign a Pal by picking them up and throwing them towards the Cooler Box.
  • Store your perishable food items like Berries, Meat, and Cooked food inside the Cooler Box.
  • The assigned Pal’s “Cooling” ability will slow down the spoilage rate of the food, keeping it fresh for longer.

Additional Tips:

  • Build multiple Cooler Boxes if you have a large amount of food to store.
  • Consider breeding Pals with high “Cooling” stats for maximum effectiveness.
  • You can lock the Cooler Box to prevent other players from accessing your food.
  • Some Pals with the “Cooking” ability, like Yuki Usagi, can also be assigned to the Cooler Box, providing both cooling and a small crafting buff.
  • Remember to keep your assigned Pal happy and well-fed, as their motivation can affect their “Cooling” effectiveness.
  • Explore other facilities with similar preservation benefits, like the Smokehouse for curing meat.

By following this guide and utilizing the additional tips, you can effectively craft and use the Cooler Box in Palworld to keep your food fresher for longer, ensuring you have a steady supply of resources for your adventures.

Crafting Cost:

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