How To Enable/Disable Use Players Jersey Name On Tactics Pitch Football Manager 2024

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As the architect of your team’s success in Football Manager 2024, clarity and precision in your tactical planning are vital. The option to display players’ jersey names or their real names on the tactics pitch can significantly influence your strategic overview. Whether you prefer the authenticity of jersey names, mirroring the real-world match-day experience, or the clarity of real names for easy recognition, adjusting this setting aligns the game with your personal preferences, enhancing your strategic prowess.

  1. Initiate Football Manager 2024: Begin your journey by opening Football Manager 2024 and stepping into the main screen, your central hub for all managerial decisions.
  2. Proceed to Preferences: From the main screen, click on ‘Preferences’. This section is your control panel for adjusting the game’s settings to match your managerial approach.
  3. Enter Advanced Settings: Within Preferences, select the ‘Advanced’ tab. This area offers a more detailed array of settings, providing you with greater control over how you interact with the game.
  4. Select All Options: Ensure that you select the ‘All’ option in the advanced settings. This action broadens your view to include every customizable feature, giving you complete control over your game’s interface and functionality.
  5. Adjust Jersey Name Display Setting: Scroll until you find the ‘Use Players Jersey Name On Tactics Pitch’ option. You’ll have two straightforward choices:
    • Off: Choose this if you prefer to display players’ real names on the tactics pitch, offering clear and direct identification of each player.
    • On: Select this to display players’ jersey names, adding an authentic touch to your tactical setup and mirroring the real match-day experience.
  6. Confirm Your Selection: After deciding on your preference, click ‘Confirm’ to save your settings. Your tactical pitch display will now reflect your choice, showcasing either the realism of jersey names or the clarity of real names, depending on your selection.

With the ‘Use Players Jersey Name On Tactics Pitch’ setting now tailored to your preference, your tactical management in Football Manager 2024 is more intuitive and aligned with your vision. Whether you’re immersing yourself in the authenticity of jersey names or valuing the clarity of real names, your tactical pitch is now a true extension of your managerial style. Lead your team to victory with strategies that are not only well-planned but also beautifully visualized, just the way you like it!