How To Craft Mounted Torch In Palworld

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Crafting a Mounted Torch in Palworld requires reaching Technology Level 2 and gathering the necessary materials.
The Mounted Torch is a decorative item in Palworld that emits a warm glow, providing illumination in your base or other areas. It is crafted at a Crafting Station with five Wood and two Stone.

Materials Required:

  • 5 Wood
  • 2 Stone


  1. Reach Technology Level 2. This can be done by researching technologies at the Research Terminal in your base.
  2. Gather the required materials. You can obtain wood by chopping down trees with an axe, and you can obtain stone by mining rocks with a pickaxe.
  3. Navigate to a crafting station. You can find crafting stations in your base, as well as in various locations throughout the world.
  4. Open the crafting menu. Select the “Furniture” tab, then scroll down to the “Lighting” category.
  5. Choose the “Mounted Torch” option. This will bring up the crafting recipe.
  6. Place the required materials into the crafting slots. The wood and stone will automatically be added to the slots.
  7. Start the crafting process. Click on the “Craft” button to begin crafting the Mounted Torch.
  8. Once the crafting process is complete, the Mounted Torch will be added to your inventory. You can then place it in your base or wherever you see fit.


  • You can craft multiple Mounted Torches at once by placing multiple crafting stations next to each other.
  • You can use Mounted Torches to provide light in your base and other areas.
  • Mounted Torches can also be used to scare away nocturnal Pals.

Enjoy your new Mounted Torch!

Crafting Cost:

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