How To Enable/Disable Sidebar Icons Only Football Manager 2024

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As a manager in Football Manager 2024, your interface is your command center, where strategy and decisions come to life. Customizing this space to fit your style can enhance your focus and gameplay efficiency. The ‘Sidebar Icons Only’ option allows you to minimize visual clutter, presenting a clean and straightforward navigation experience. On the flip side, keeping this feature off provides descriptive text alongside icons, ensuring clarity in navigation. Let’s dive into how you can toggle this feature to match your personal preference.

  1. Start Football Manager 2024: Begin your session by opening Football Manager 2024. The main screen is where your journey of customization and management starts.
  2. Access Preferences: From the main screen, locate and click on ‘Preferences’. This is your control hub for tweaking the game settings to your taste.
  3. Enter Advanced Settings: Within Preferences, find and select the ‘Advanced’ tab. This section allows for more nuanced adjustments, letting you refine your game interface and features.
  4. Choose All Options: In the advanced settings, ensure you select the ‘All’ option. This expands your view to include every customizable feature that Football Manager 2024 offers.
  5. Adjust Sidebar Icons Setting: Scroll to find the ‘Sidebar Icons Only’ option. You’ll be presented with two straightforward choices:
    • Off: Select this if you prefer your sidebar with both icons and text, providing clear navigation and understanding of each menu option.
    • On: Choose this to streamline your sidebar, displaying only icons for a cleaner and more minimalist interface.
  6. Confirm Your Selection: After you’ve made your choice, click ‘Confirm’ to save your settings. Your sidebar will now reflect your preference, either showcasing a minimalist icon-only view or a detailed view with icons and text.

With the ‘Sidebar Icons Only’ feature set to your preference, your Football Manager 2024 interface is now personalized to enhance your management experience. Whether you’ve chosen the sleek look of icons only or the clarity of icons with text, your navigation is now tailored to your style, allowing you to lead your team with confidence and precision. Embrace your customized control hub and guide your team to victory!