How To Enable/Disable Display Icon After Items You’ve Created A Note For Football Manager 2024

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As a meticulous manager in Football Manager 2024, your ability to track and remember key information about players, matches, and strategies can make or break your season. The game’s feature to display icons after items you’ve created a note for is like having an efficient assistant reminding you of important details. However, every manager has their unique style – some prefer a streamlined interface, while others appreciate visual cues. Whichever category you fall into, customizing this feature will help optimize your management process.

  1. Launch Football Manager 2024: Start your journey by opening Football Manager 2024. The main screen is your gateway to diving into the immersive world of football management.
  2. Enter Preferences: From the main screen, find and click on ‘Preferences’. This is your control panel for adjusting the game to suit your managerial style.
  3. Open Advanced Settings: Within Preferences, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. This section allows you to delve into more detailed settings, fine-tuning your experience.
  4. Select All Options: In the advanced settings, ensure you choose the ‘All’ option. This action broadens your view to all the customizable features that Football Manager 2024 offers.
  5. Adjust Note Icon Display Setting: Find the ‘Display Icon After Items You’ve Created A Note For’ option. You will encounter two simple choices:
    • Off: Choose this if you prefer a cleaner interface without icons. Notes will still be saved, but without the visual cue after each noted item.
    • On: Select this to have a visual reminder. An icon will appear after items for which you’ve created notes, making it easier to spot and remember important points.
  6. Confirm Your Settings: After deciding your preference, click ‘Confirm’ to apply the changes. Your game interface will now reflect your choice, displaying icons after noted items as per your selection.

With your settings customized to show or hide icons after noted items, your Football Manager 2024 interface is now tailored to your personal management style. Whether you’re juggling player notes, match strategies, or transfer targets, your environment is set up to support your decision-making process. Dive back into the game with these adjustments and lead your team to success with the confidence that every crucial detail is noted and organized just the way you like it!