How To Enable/Disable Maintain Auto Text Persona 3 Reload

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Immerse yourself in the enthralling universe of Persona 3 Reload with the ability to customize your text interaction through the Maintain Auto Text feature. Whether you prefer the text to advance automatically at a steady pace or you like to control the narrative flow manually, this guide will assist you in toggling the Maintain Auto Text setting to match your gameplay style.

  1. Open Persona 3 Reload Main Screen: Kickstart your gaming session by launching Persona 3 Reload. Once you’re at the main screen, you’re all set to personalize your in-game settings.
  2. Click on ‘Config’: Access the ‘Config’ option from the main menu to dive into the heart of the game’s customizable settings.
  3. Click on ‘Game System Settings’: Within the ‘Config’ menu, select ‘Game System Settings.’ This will take you to a detailed menu, where you can adjust various aspects of the game to suit your preferences.
  4. Locate the ‘Maintain Auto Text’ Option and Change It: Look for the ‘Maintain Auto Text’ setting within the options. Here, you have the freedom to choose how the game’s text is displayed. Your options include:
    • Off: Choose this to disable the auto text feature. This setting is perfect for players who prefer to read at their own pace and manually advance the game’s dialogue.
    • On: Select this to enable the auto text feature. This is ideal for players who enjoy a seamless narrative experience, where the text advances automatically at a consistent speed.

Personalizing your text interaction in Persona 3 Reload is straightforward with the Maintain Auto Text feature. Whether you’re the type of player who enjoys a hands-on approach to the game’s narrative or you prefer the text to auto-advance while you soak in the storyline, you now have the tools to tailor your gameplay experience to your liking.