How To Craft Stone Structure Set In Palworld

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The Stone Structure Set in Palworld is a crucial early-game blueprint that unlocks a variety of building components made from, well, stone!

Gathering Resources:

  • Stone (3x): Stone is a fundamental resource in Palworld and readily available in most environments. Look for rocky areas, cliffs, or dig into the ground with your bare hands or tools to gather it.

Crafting the Stone Structure Set:

  1. Unlock the Blueprint: Before you can craft the set, you need the blueprint. This is learned by spending 2 Technology Points at Player Level 2. Open your inventory, access the Technology tab, and find the “Stone Structure Set” blueprint to unlock it.
  2. Access the Crafting Menu: Open your crafting menu and navigate to the “Production” tab. This is where you’ll find all your crafting options.
  3. Select the Stone Structure Set: Scroll through the list or use the search bar to locate the “Stone Structure Set” recipe.
  4. Check Requirements: Ensure you have the resources your inventory to proceed.
  5. Craft the Set: Click “Craft” to begin the process. The crafting time may vary depending on your character’s crafting skill and any potential buffs or debuffs.


  • Stone Foundation
  • Stone Wall
  • Stone Wall and window
  • Stone Triangular Wall
  • Stone Slanted Roof
  • Stone Roof
  • Stone stairs
  • Stone Door

Additional Tips:

  • Stone Pit: Consider building a Stone Pit later in the game. This structure passively generates Stone over time, making it a sustainable source for future builds.
  • Placement and Building: Once crafted, open your inventory and select the Stone Structure Set. Choose a suitable location for your structure and hold down the “Build” button to place it. You can then use additional Stone to expand and customize your creation.
  • Upgrading: The Stone Structure Set serves as the foundation for various structures like walls, floors, and roofs. As you progress, you can unlock blueprints for more advanced building components.
  • Decoration: Don’t forget the aesthetics! You can place furniture, lights, and other decorative items within your stone structures to personalize your base.
  • Pal Assistance: Utilize your Pal companions to help gather resources, carry materials, and even assist in construction!

Crafting Cost:

Stone Strukture Set Palworld