How To Craft Wooden Club In Palworld

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The Wooden Club is a basic melee weapon in Palworld that can be crafted using five pieces of wood. It is a simple but effective weapon that can be used to attack enemies and defend yourself. The Wooden Club is not as powerful as other melee weapons, but it is easy to craft and maintain.

Step by step guide:

  1. Gather the required materials: To craft a Wooden Club, you will need five pieces of wood. You can find wood by chopping down trees with your bare hands or with a Stone Axe.
  2. Unlock the Wooden Club recipe: To unlock the Wooden Club recipe, you will need to spend 1 Technology Point. You can earn Technology Points by completing tasks or defeating enemies.
  3. Open the crafting menu: To open the crafting menu, press the Escape Key on PC or the Menu button on controller.
  4. Select the “Weapons” category: In the crafting menu, select the “Weapons” category.
  5. Find the Wooden Club recipe: Scroll down the list of weapons until you find the “Wooden Club” recipe.
  6. Craft the Wooden Club: Click on the “Wooden Club” recipe to craft it.

The Wooden Club is a basic melee weapon that can be used to attack enemies. It is an essential tool for early in the game, as it will allow you to defend yourself against wild Pals and collect resources.

Crafting Cost:

Wooden Club Palworld