How To Craft Hand-held Torch in Palworld

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Hand-held Torch in Palworld, you’ll need it to explore at night and keep you warm in cold areas. To craft a Handheld Torch, you need 2x Wood and 2x Stone.

How To Get Wood:

  1. Find a tree with branches and chop them down with your Wooden Club.
  2. Collect the Wood that falls to the ground.

How To Get Stone:

  1. Find a rock formation.
  2. Use your Wooden Club to mine the rock formation until you get Stone.

How To Craft Hand-held Torch:

  1. Build a Primitive Workbench.
  2. Open the Primitive Workbench menu.
  3. Select the “Handheld Torch” option from the list of craftable items.
  4. Place the 2x Wood and 2x Stone in the crafting slots.
  5. Click the “Craft” button.
  6. You will now have a Handheld Torch in your inventory.

How To Use Hand-held Torch:

  1. Hold down the “E” key (or the equivalent button on your controller) to equip the Handheld Torch.
  2. The Handheld Torch will now be held in your hand and will emit light.
  3. You can use the Handheld Torch to explore at night and keep you warm.

Crafting cost:

Hand held Torch Palworld