How To Craft Repair Bench In Palworld

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The Repair Bench is a crucial structure in the survival sandbox game Palworld. It’s a versatile crafting station that allows players to restore the functionality of damaged weapons, tools, and equipment.

How to build a Repair Bench in Palworld:

  1. Unlock the Repair Bench Recipe:
    • Reach Technology Level 2 (you’ll need to collect Technology Points by completing quests and exploring the world).
    • Once you reach Level 2, the Repair Bench recipe will become available in the Technology menu.
    • Spend 1 Technology Point to unlock the recipe.
  2. Gather the Required Materials:
    • Wood: Chop down trees using an axe or a sword.
    • Stones: Mine rocks using a pickaxe.
    • You’ll need 10 Wood and 10 Stones in total.
  3. Open the Build Menu:
    • Press the “B” key to open the Build menu.
  4. Navigate to the Production Tab:
    • Click on the “Production” tab in the Build menu.
  5. Select the Repair Bench:
    • Scroll down until you find the Repair Bench and click on it.
  6. Place the Repair Bench:
    • Click on the ground inside your base where you want to place the Repair Bench.
  7. Build the Repair Bench:
    • Click the “Build” button to start building the Repair Bench.
    • You can use your Pals to help you build the Repair Bench faster.

Once the Repair Bench is built, it will be available for you to interact with.

How to repair an item:

  1. Interact with the Repair Bench:
    • Stand in front of the Repair Bench and press the “A” key (or whatever button you use to interact with objects).
  2. Select the Item to Repair:
    • A menu will appear with a list of your damaged items.
    • Select the item you want to repair.
  3. Choose the Repair Materials:
    • A second menu will appear with a list of the materials required to repair the item.
    • Select the materials you wish to use.
  4. Start the Repair Process:
    • Click the “Repair” button.
    • The item will be repaired using the selected materials.

The Repair Bench is a valuable tool that will help you keep your items in good condition. By repairing damaged items, you can save time and resources compared to crafting new ones from scratch.

Crafting Cost:

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