How To Craft Nails In Palworld

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Nails in Palworld are a crucial crafting material, used for constructing various structures, furniture, and even weapons. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various items that require nails, making it essential to understand how to craft them efficiently.

Gathering Required Resources

  1. Ingot: The primary ingredient for crafting nails is an ingot, a refined form of ore. You can obtain ore by mining brownish-red ore blocks scattered throughout the world. Use a pickaxe to extract these ores, and keep in mind that they weigh a significant amount, so make sure to have enough inventory space.
  2. Primitive Furnace: To refine ore into ingots, you’ll need a Primitive Furnace, a crafting station unlocked at Level 10. It requires 50 stone, 20 wood, and 3 Flame Organs, a resource dropped by fire-type Pals like Foxsparks.

Crafting Nails

  1. Construction of a Primitive Furnace: Place the Primitive Furnace at your base, preferably near a workbench for convenience.
  2. Processing Ores into Ingots: Insert the collected ore into the Primitive Furnace and assign a Kindling Pal, such as Foxsparks or Reptyro, to provide the necessary heat for smelting. One ingot requires a single ore deposit.
  3. Nail Crafting at the Workbench: Once you have sufficient ingots, open a Workbench, either the Primitive Workbench or the upgraded High-Quality Workbench.
  4. Procuring Handiwork Pals: Consider assigning Handiwork Pals to the Workbench to boost the crafting speed of nails. These Pals possess enhanced crafting abilities.
  5. Crafting Nails: Move the required ingots from your inventory to the Workbench’s crafting area. Each ingot will produce two nails.

Utilizing Nails for Crafting

  1. Construction of Structures: Nails are essential for constructing various structures, such as houses, fences, bridges, and even storage sheds.
  2. Manufacturing Furniture: Nails are used to craft functional and decorative furniture, such as tables, chairs, beds, and shelves, adding comfort and convenience to your base.
  3. Weaving Weapons: Certain weapons, such as crossbows, require nails as crafting components.

Additional Tips for Nail Crafting Efficiency

  1. Automate Ore Mining: Utilize Pals with Mining abilities to automate ore mining, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials for crafting ingots.
  2. Optimize Furnace Operations: Dedicate specific Pals to handle the smelting process at Primitive Furnaces, ensuring efficient conversion of ore into ingots.
  3. Utilize Production Assembly Lines: For mass production of nails, consider setting up Production Assembly Lines, which involve multiple Pals performing specific tasks, including placing ore in furnaces, carrying ingots to the Workbench, and crafting nails.

Nails are an integral part of crafting in Palworld, enabling you to construct structures, furniture, and weapons. By following these guidelines and utilizing efficient strategies, you can effectively gather resources, craft nails, and utilize them to enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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