How To Craft Feathered Hair Band In Palworld

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The Feathered Hair Band is a Tier 10 technology item in Palworld that provides a modest boost to defense. It is fairly easy to craft and requires only 10 Fiber and 5 Paldium Fragment. This guide will walk you through the steps of crafting the Feathered Hair Band, as well as provide some additional tips for using it.

Gathering Resources:

  1. Fiber: Fiber can be gathered from various plants and trees throughout the world. You can use your Harvesting Tool to harvest plants, or you can chop down trees with an Axe.
  2. Paldium Fragment: Paldium Fragment can be found in mines and caves. You can use your Mining Tool to mine Paldium Ore, which can then be smelted into Paldium Fragment at the Furnace.

Crafting the Feathered Hair Band:

  1. Upgrade Your Workbench: To craft the Feathered Hair Band, you will need a Primitive Workbench or better. If you don’t have a Primitive Workbench yet, you can craft it at the Research Table using 50 Wood and 12 Stone.
  2. Place the Feathered Hair Band Recipe: Open the Crafting Menu and navigate to the Technology tab. Find the Feathered Hair Band recipe and place it in the crafting area.
  3. Add Resources: Drag and drop the 10 Fiber and 5 Paldium Fragment onto the crafting area.
  4. Start Crafting: Click the “Craft” button to start crafting the Feathered Hair Band. The crafting process will take a few seconds.
  5. Collect Your Feathered Hair Band: Once the crafting process is complete, you will receive the Feathered Hair Band. You can equip it in your Equipment Menu.

Additional Tips for Using the Feathered Hair Band:

  • The Feathered Hair Band is a relatively lightweight and easy-to-craft piece of armor, making it a good option for early-game players.
  • The Feathered Hair Band provides a modest boost to defense, which can help you survive encounters with weaker enemies.
  • You can craft multiple Feathered Hair Bands to equip your Pals.
  • As you progress through the game, you will unlock more powerful armor pieces. However, the Feathered Hair Band can still be useful for low-level enemies or for when you’re exploring new areas.

Crafting Cost:

Feathered Hair Band Palworld