How To Craft Heat Resistant Pelt Armor In Palworld

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The Heat Resistant Pelt Armor in Palworld is a medium-tier armor set that provides protection against heat damage. It is crafted from 15 Leather and 4 Flame Organs, and requires a High-Quality Workbench to create. The armor is unlocked at level 16.

The Heat Resistant Pelt Armor is a good choice for players who are exploring hot areas, such as deserts or volcanic regions. It can help to prevent heatstroke and allow players to stay in these areas for longer periods of time. The armor also provides some physical defense, making it useful for general combat as well.

Here are some of the key features of the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor:

  • Provides heat resistance, which helps to prevent heatstroke
  • Offers some physical defense
  • Relatively easy to craft with common materials
  • Unlocked at a moderate level (16)

Gathering Resources:

  • 15 Leather:
    • Hunting: Target larger, land-dwelling Pals like Boars, Mammoths, and Rhinos. They have a higher chance of dropping Leather.
    • Trading: Visit friendly settlements and trade with vendors or other players. Some may offer Leather in exchange for desired items.
    • Loot Crates: Search abandoned buildings, dungeons, and treasure chests for loot crates that might contain Leather.
  • 4 Flame Organs:
    • Defeating Fire-type Pals: Seek out and battle Fire-type Pals like Ignis and Cinderling. They have a guaranteed chance of dropping Flame Organs upon defeat.
    • Exploring Volcanic Areas: Volcanic regions often contain resource nodes that yield Flame Organs when mined.
    • Breeding Fire-type Pals: If you have Fire-type Pals, breed them to increase your chances of obtaining Flame Organs from their offspring.

Crafting the Armor:

  1. Unlock the Recipe: The Heat Resistant Pelt Armor recipe unlocks at Level 16. Ensure you’ve reached this level before attempting to craft it.
  2. Workbench Requirement: You’ll need a High-Quality Workbench to craft the armor. Upgrade your Workbench to this level if necessary.
  3. Craft the Armor: Once you have the recipe and the required materials, head to your High-Quality Workbench and select the armor to craft.

Additional Tips:

  • Upgrade Your Armor: Consider using High-Quality Leather or Epic-grade Flame Organs when crafting for better stats and protection.
  • Combine with Heat Resistance Potions: For extended ventures into hot environments, stack the armor’s heat resistance with consumable Heat Resistance Potions for maximum safety.
  • Utilize Water Sources: When exploring hot areas, stay close to water sources to cool down and prevent overheating.
  • Prioritize Fire-Resistant Pals: When venturing into volcanic regions, bring along Pals with strong Fire resistance to minimize damage.

Bonus Tip: Explore alternative heat-resistant armor options later in the game, such as Heat Resistant Metal Armor and eventually the Legendary Heat Resistant Pal Armor. Remember, crafting higher-tier armor often requires rarer materials and higher crafting levels.

Crafting Cost:

Heat Resisstant Pelt Armor Palworld