How To Craft Metal Chest In Palworld

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The Metal Chest in Palworld is a sturdy and secure storage container crafted from, well, metal! It offers a significant upgrade in both durability and storage capacity compared to its wooden counterpart.

Gathering Resources:

  • 15 Ingots:
    • You’ll need to mine Ore, which can be found in most areas of the game. Use a Stone Pickaxe to break the Ore nodes and collect the raw materials.
    • Smelt the Ore in a Furnace to turn it into Ingots. You can build a basic Furnace using 10 Stone and 5 Wood.
  • 30 Wood:
    • Chop down trees with an Axe to gather Wood.
    • Different types of trees provide different amounts of Wood, so keep an eye out for thicker trees for better yield.

Crafting the Metal Chest:

  1. Open the Crafting Menu: Press “B” on your keyboard or access it through the in-game menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Storage” category: You’ll find this under the “Build” tab.
  3. Select the “Metal Chest” blueprint: This should require 15 Ingots and 30 Wood to craft.
  4. Ensure you have enough resources: If you don’t have the required materials, the “Craft” button will be greyed out.
  5. Click “Craft”: The Metal Chest will be added to your inventory.

Additional Tips:

  • Metal Chests are more durable than Wooden Chests: They can withstand more damage and protect your items better.
  • Metal Chests offer more storage space: Compared to Wooden Chests, they can hold significantly more items, helping you stay organized.
  • Place Metal Chests strategically: Put them near crafting stations, your home base, or areas where you collect specific resources for easy access.
  • You can lock Metal Chests: This prevents other players from accessing your stored items in multiplayer mode.
  • Craft multiple Metal Chests: As you progress through the game and acquire more resources, consider crafting additional chests to categorize and store your growing collection of items.

Bonus Tip: Once you reach Level 39, you can craft an even sturdier Refined Metal Chest. It requires 20 Refined Ingots, 50 Wood, and 20 Nails, but offers even more storage space and durability.

Crafting Cost:

Metal Chest Palworld