How To Craft Sphere Workbench In Palworld

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This guide will walk you through crafting the Sphere Workbench in Palworld, unlocking your ability to create advanced Pal Spheres for capturing and storing creatures.

Gathering Resources:

  • 10 Paldium Fragments: These are rare resources found in Meteorite Craters. Look for glowing blue rocks within the craters and mine them using a Stone Pickaxe or higher-tier tools.
  • 30 Wood: Wood is readily available by chopping down trees with an Axe. Consider setting up a Wood Farm later for automated wood production.
  • 10 Nails: Nails are crafted by combining 2 Iron Ingots in the Primitive Workbench or Forge. You’ll need to gather Iron Ore and smelt it in a Furnace to obtain the Ingots.

Building the Sphere Workbench:

  1. Reach Level 14: This unlocks the Sphere Workbench blueprint. Gain levels through exploration, completing quests, and capturing Pals.
  2. Access the Technology Tree: Open your inventory and select the “Tech” tab. Locate the Sphere Workbench icon and spend your Technology Points to unlock it.
  3. Craft the Sphere Workbench: With the blueprint unlocked, head to your desired location and open your build menu. Select the Sphere Workbench and place it down, ensuring you have enough resources in your inventory.

Additional Tips:

  • Optimize Resource Gathering: Prioritize gathering resources in bulk to avoid frequent crafting breaks. Consider setting up resource farms for sustainable production.
  • Upgrade Your Tools: Higher-tier tools like Metal Pickaxe and Steel Axe increase resource gathering speed and efficiency.
  • Plan Your Base Location: Choose a base with easy access to resources like wood and near potential Paldium Fragment locations.
  • Experiment with Sphere Types: Different Sphere Workbenches unlock various Sphere types. Explore their unique capture rates and special effects.
  • Connect to Power: Sphere Workbenches require electricity to function. Connect them to a Generator or Solar Panels for continuous operation.
  • Utilize the Market: Buy or sell resources and Spheres on the market to optimize your resource management and Pal capturing strategies.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Research Advanced Spheres: As you progress, unlock blueprints for higher-tier Spheres like Great and Ultra Spheres, offering increased capture rates and special abilities.
  • Explore Different Biomes: Different biomes harbor unique Pals. Research their weaknesses and choose appropriate Spheres for effective capture.
  • Befriend Pals: Captured Pals can be befriended and trained, becoming valuable companions and even mounts.
  • Remember Ethics: Palworld tackles sensitive themes. Play responsibly and consider the ethical implications of your actions within the game’s world.

By following these steps and tips, you’ll be crafting Sphere Workbenches and capturing Pals in no time! Remember, experimentation and resource management are key to success in Palworld. Have fun and explore the world responsibly!

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