How To Craft Wooden Defensive Wall In Palworld

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The Wooden Defensive Wall in Palworld is a basic but crucial structure, offering your base an initial layer of protection against enemy Pal attacks.

Gathering Resources:

  • 10 Wood: Wood is a fundamental resource readily available from trees. Equip an Axe or any tool with an “axe” function and chop down trees. Focus on larger trees for increased wood yield. Remember, some areas have different tree types offering varying wood quality. Experiment to find wood suited to your needs.

Crafting the Wooden Defensive Wall:

  1. Open the Crafting Menu: Press the designated key (default: “B”) to access the crafting menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Walls” Tab: This tab houses various defensive structures, including the Wooden Defensive Wall.
  3. Select the Wooden Defensive Wall: Click on the Wooden Defensive Wall icon to view its crafting requirements.
  4. Ensure You Have Enough Wood: Verify you have at least 10 Wood in your inventory to craft the wall.
  5. Craft the Wall: Click the “Craft” button to create the Wooden Defensive Wall. It will be added to your inventory.

Additional Tips

Additional Tips for Using Wooden Defensive Walls:

  • Placement:
    • Strategic Positioning: Build your walls around your base perimeter, creating a defensible enclosure. Prioritize protecting vital structures like capture pods and resource storages.
    • Double Up for Extra Durability: For enhanced protection, construct two layers of walls with some space between them. This creates a “kill zone” where attackers get trapped between layers, allowing your Pals to engage them effectively.
    • Gates: Don’t forget to incorporate Gates for access. Craft basic Wooden Gates initially, but consider upgrading to sturdier materials later. Remember, gates are weaker than walls, so position them strategically.
    • Height and Thickness: Taller and thicker walls offer better protection, but require more resources. Aim for a balance between resource availability and desired security level. Consider starting with 2-block high and 1-block thick walls, adjusting as needed.
  • Fire Vulnerability: Be aware that Wooden Defensive Walls are susceptible to fire attacks. Consider surrounding your base with moats or firebreaks to deter fire-based enemies. Upgrading to Stone Defensive Walls later mitigates this risk.
  • Combining with Other Defenses: Don’t solely rely on walls. Utilize Guard Towers, defensive traps, and strategically placed Pals to create a layered defense.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Crenelations: Add decorative battlements on top of your walls for a visual flourish and potential tactical advantage, providing cover for your Pals defending from above.
  • Hidden Compartments: Strategically place chests or other storage containers within thicker walls for a hidden surprise stash, accessible only from the inside.

By following these tips and incorporating your own strategic thinking, you can effectively utilize Wooden Defensive Walls to safeguard your Palworld base and ensure the well-being of your captured creatures. Remember, adaptation and resourcefulness are key in this world!

Crafting Cost:

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