How To Craft Hazard Suit Armor In Ark Survival Evolved

How to get Hazard Armor in Ark

You can craft Hazard Suit armor as late-game clothes in Ark. You need many things to craft it like polymer, silica pearls, hides, fibers, and crystals, It is very expensive to craft. This Armor set is only in Aberration DLC. A full set will give 325 armor and provide 300 heat protection and 60 cold protection. The full set will give you an effect, but only if you wear the full set. You need a Tek Replicator and a fabricator to craft it. So it is not easy to craft Hazard Suit Armor In Ark Survival Evolved.

A full Hazard Suit Armor set you need: 155 hides, 235 fiber, 85 blue gems, 72 polymers, 166 crystal, and 125 congealed gas balls.


The Hazard Suit Hat alone will completely protect the survivor from Poison Wyvern and Basilisk poison gas attacks. But It will take significant damage if you remain in the gas cloud for its full duration.

The full hazard set will protect from various environmental hazards; these include radiation, mushroom spores, and poison gas.

A complete Hazard armor set will be:

Hazard Suit Hat – Hazard Suit Shirt – Hazard Suit Gloves – Hazard Suit Pants – Hazard Suit Boots

Hazard ArmorCrafting Cost:Required level:DurabilityArmor
Hat30 Hide
45 Fiber
25 Blue Gem
20 Polymer
50 Crystal
20 Congealed Gas Ball
Shirt45 Hide
65 Fiber
25 Blue Gem
25 Polymer
50 Crystal
45 Congealed Gas Ball
Gloves15 Hide
35 Fiber
8 Blue Gem
2 Polymer
16 Crystal
15 Congealed Gas Ball
Pants45 Hide
65 Fiber
20 Blue Gem
15 Polymer
40 Crystal
30 Congealed Gas Ball
Boots20 Hide
25 Fiber
5 Blue Gem
10 Polymer
10 Crystal
15 Congealed Gas Ball