How To Craft FLAK Armor In Ark Survival Evolved

How to get FLAK Armor in Ark

You can craft FLAK armor as late-game clothes in Ark. You don’t need many things to craft it only hides, metal ingots, metal, and fiber, but you have to be in level 56 to learn how to craft it. Flak Armor is referred to as “Iron Armor” in the Primitive Plus DLC.

FLAK armor is good to use for protection, but it is very heavy so only use it when you are in combat. A Complete FLAK set will cost 18 fibers, 40 hides, and 53 metal ingots. A full set of Flak armor will give 500 armor and provides -25 heat protection and 60 cold protection. You need a refining forge and a smithy to craft it.

A complete FLAK armor set will be:

Flak helmet – Flak Chestpiece – Flak Gauntlets – Flak Leggings – Flak Boots

FLAK ArmorCrafting Cost:Required level:DurabilityArmor
Helmet10 Metal ingots
7 Hides
3 Fiber
Chestpiece13 Metal ingots
10 Hides
4 Fiber
Gauntlets6 Metal ingots
5 Hides
2 Fiber
Leggings16 Metal ingots
12 Hides
5 Fiber
Boots8 Metal ingots
6 Hides
4 Fiber