Kidding Me – Ready for tricky puzzle? Level 61-90

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Kidding Me Game Level 61-90

Level 61: How can I melt the ice?
– Rub the ice to melt it.

Level 62: Click on the larger graphic
– Middle two stones are of the same size, so just click on both of them at the same time to solve the level.

Level 63: Please peel off the stones at the same time.
– Rotate your phone upside down to solve the level.

Level 64: The little yellow dog is gone again, find it out!
– Try to zoom out the screen to find the yellow dog.

Level 65: Put the money in a piggy bank and count how much money we have?
– Drag all the money inside the piggy bank, then tap rapidly on it to break it, now count all the money(12) to solve the level.

Level 66: Help moving the grass
– Zoom in to the lawnmower, now click on it to solve the level.

Level 67: Please cover the sun for a beautiful woman.
– Put your phone face-down to cover the lady from the sun.

Level 68: How can we make them a couple
– Tap the flamingos over and over again to make them fall in love.

Level 69: The pig is hungry. It wants an apple.
– Shake your device to feed the pig an apple.

Level 70: How many slashes are there?
– There are no slashes, so the answer is zero

Level 71: Move 1 matchstick to make the biggest number
– The answer is “909”.

Level 72: Save him
– Tap the latter

Level 73: Click on the box on the right.
– Hold tap on the box inside the question then swipe it to the left to find the box on the right.

Level 74: Light up the candle
– Strike the match against the left corner of the screen and then use it to light up the candle.

Level 75: Monkey wants to eat a banana again please help.
– Zoom out the monkey to make him huge, now move him near the banana to solve the level.

Level 76: What can a strong man not lift?
– A strong man can not lift himself.

Level 77: Please choose a number to make the equation true.
– Drag the 18 out of the box first, then use 13+12+5 to solve the level.

Level 78: Making coffee
– Drag the cup on the machine then coffee and milk, now use two fingers to swipe left to the screen and you will see a plug, click on it to solve the level.

Level 79: Find the picture below
– Find the things on the picture

Level 80: The little monkey picks 10 strawberries a minute, how many can it pick in ten minutes on the tree?
– Strawberries do not grow on any tree, so the answer is zero.

Level 81: Which one would you pick?
– Hold tap on any dollar bill and swipe over all the bills to collect them and give them to the boy without lifting your finger.

Level 82: Find the entrance
– Just tap on the “entrance” word in the question text to pass the level.

Level 83: How many triangles are there?
– There are 10 triangles in this figure but “+” & “-” buttons are also in the shape of a triangle so the answer is 10+2= 12.

Level 84: Find a fly
– Drag the glasses from the dog and put them on the boy to find the fly on the table, then click on the fly to pass the level.

Level 85: Blow out 2 matches, how many matches are there now?
– all matches are burning then if you blow two matches of them then 6 will burn down completely and 2 will left remaining.

Level 86: The phone is out of power. Charge it!
– Just put your phone into a charger to pass the level.

Level 87: Kill mosquito
– Hold tap anywhere on the screen for 5 seconds, then wait for it to come near then click on it with the other finger to kill it.

Level 88: Move two match sticks to get the lowest number.
– The answer is 38 you can make “038” by moving two matches.

Level 89: Let the little yellow dog win
– Swap the drivers before you start the race.

Level 90: It’s time for lunch. Make your own instant noodles.
– First, put the noodles in the bowl, then pour water, then hold tap on the bowl to heat it and your instant noodles will be ready to eat.