How To Craft Gunpowder In Palworld

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Gunpowder is a crafting material used to create ammunition for firearms in Palworld. It’s crucial for players who want to engage in ranged combat against other creatures or players.

How to obtain Gunpowder:

There are two ways to obtain Gunpowder in Palworld:

  • Crafting: This method requires reaching Tech Level 21 and unlocking the Gunpowder recipe in the Technology tab. You then need to gather the required resources:
    • 2x Charcoal: Can be obtained by processing Wood in a furnace.
    • 1x Sulfur: Found in specific locations like desert biomes or dropped by certain creatures.
    • High-Quality Workbench: Needed to craft Gunpowder.
  • Hunting: Defeating or capturing specific creatures like Tocotoco may yield Gunpowder as loot.

Additional Notes:

  • While crafting offers a steady supply, hunting can be faster early on, especially near the Anubis fight in the desert.
  • Remember that safety is paramount. Real-world gunpowder is dangerous and illegal to create.

Crafting Cost:

Gunpowder Palworld