How To Craft Coarse Ammo In Palworld

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Coarse Ammo is the basic ammunition used in firearms like the Musket and Makeshift Handgun in Palworld. It offers decent stopping power for early-game encounters but is eventually outclassed by more advanced ammo types.

Crafting Coarse Ammo:

  1. Gather Resources:
    • 1 Ingot: You can obtain Ingots by mining various ore deposits and smelting them in a Furnace. Iron Ore is widely available and a good starting point.
    • 1 Gunpowder: Gunpowder requires further crafting:
      • Charcoal: Gather wood and refine it in a Furnace to obtain Charcoal.
      • Sulfur: Found near volcanoes and desert areas. Mine these deposits to collect Sulfur.
      • Combine 2x Charcoal and 1x Sulfur in a High-Quality Workbench to produce Gunpowder.
  2. Craft at the Weapon Workbench:
    • Unlock the Weapons Workbench technology at level 20.
    • Combine 1x Ingot and 1x Gunpowder in the Weapons Workbench to produce 10x Coarse Ammo.

Additional Tips:

  • Bulk Crafting: While crafting individually works, consider stockpiling resources to craft larger quantities of Coarse Ammo at once for efficiency.
  • Resource Management: Ingots and Gunpowder are also used in crafting other items. Plan your resource allocation accordingly.
  • Ammo Efficiency: Early firearms have high ammo consumption. Focus on strategic shots and consider acquiring ammo-replenishing perks for your Pals.
  • Upgrade Ammo: As you progress, unlock and craft more powerful ammo types like Fine Ammo and Explosive Ammo for increased damage and utility.


  • This guide focuses on crafting Coarse Ammo. Different ammo types might require additional resources or crafting stations.
  • Palworld is an early access game, and crafting recipes or resource locations might change in future updates.

I hope this expanded guide empowers you to craft and utilize Coarse Ammo effectively in your Palworld adventures!

Crafting Cost:

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