How To Craft Ghillie Armor In Ark Survival Evolved?

How to get Ghillie Armor in Ark?

You can craft ghillie armor as the fourth clothes in Ark. You need to find organic polymer, hide, and fiber to craft it. The organic polymer is a resource that can be found by harvesting Kairuku, Mantis, Hesperornis, and Karkinos and you have to use a wooden club or a sword to increase the amount of organic polymer. So it is easy to craft Ghillie Armor In Ark Survival Evolved.

Ghillie armor is good to use for protection and gives 32 armor from each piece. A good thing to use the ghillie armor for is to take honey from beehives. The organic polymer will spoil after 30 minutes, so it is a good thing only to take it when you need it.

A Complete ghillie set will cost 26 organic polymers, 18 fibers, and 40 hides and it will give 160 armor and provide 155 heat protection and 24 cold protection. It has an extra effect, it works like a camouflage suit and it reduces the enemy visibility range by 50%.

A complete ghillie armor set will be:

Ghillie Mask – Ghillie Chestpiece – Ghillie Gauntlets – Ghillie Leggings – Ghillie Boots

Ghillie ArmorCrafting Cost:Required level:DurabilityArmor
Mask5 Organic polymer
7 Hide
3 Fiber
Chestpiece6 Organic polymer
10 Hide
4 Fiber
Gauntlets3 Organic polymer
5 Hide
2 Fiber
Leggings8 Organic polymer
12 Hide
5 Fiber
Boots4 Organic polymer
6 Hide
4 Fiber