How To Craft Fur Armor In Ark Survival Evolved

How to get Fur in Ark?

You can craft Fur armor as the third clothes in Ark. You need to get pelt, hair, or wool to craft it. Fur armor is good to use for simple protection and give 40 armor from each piece, to complete a fur set will cost 320 pelt, hair, or wool and 53 metal ingots, 40 hides, and 18 fibers. For a full fur set, it will give 200 armor and provides -109 heat protection and 249 cold protection. You need to craft a refining forge to craft it.

How to get pelt, hair or wool?

Pelt drops from Castoroides, Dire Bear, Direwolf, Equus, Mammoth, Megaloceros, Megatherium, Otter, Procoptodon, Woolly Rhino, Ovis, or Yutyrannus.

There are different ways to get the pelt, hair, or wool. You need to use a metal hatchet, stone hatchet, or a pickaxe to harvesting the pelt from corpses.

Hair drops from human players, use a scissors to cut the hair from the players. The hair will grows back over time.

Wool drops from Ovis, use a scissors to cut the wool from them. The hair will grows back over time.

A complete fur armor set will be:

Fur Cap – Fur Chestpiece – Fur Gauntlets – Fur Leggings – Fur Boots

Fur ArmorCrafting Cost:Required level:DurabilityArmor
Cap56 Pelt, hair, or wool
10 Metal Ingots
7 Hide
3 Fiber
Chestpiece80 Pelt, hair, or wool
13 Metal Ingots
10 Hide
4 Fiber
Gauntlets40 Pelt, hair, or wool
6 Metal Ingots
5 Hide
2 Fiber
Leggings96 Pelt, hair, or wool
16 Metal Ingots
12 Hide
5 Fiber
Boots48 Pelt, hair, or wool
8 Metal Ingots
6 Hide
4 Fiber