How To Craft Fur Armor In ICARUS

Fur Armor is the armor that u have to learn if you are living in the cold. You have to learn it before you can craft it. You have to craft a textile bench to craft it and then it is required to unlock each piece to craft. You will find it in Tier 2 of the Tech Tree, it also means that you have to be level 20 to craft it.

If you have a full set, it will give you +5% Cold Resistance.

Fur Head Armor4 x Fur
12 x Leather
4 x Rope
Fur Chest Armor8 x Fur
24 x Leather
6 x Rope
Fur Arms Armor4 x Fur
8 x Leather
2 x Rope
Fur Legs Armor8 x Fur
18 x Leather
6 x Rope
Fur Feet Armor6 x Fur
12 x Leather
4 x Rope
Full Fur Armor set30 x Fur
74 x Leather
22 x Rope

If you have a full set of Fur Armor, it attributes:

ArmorPhysical ResistanceCold ResistanceHeat ResistanceExposure Resistance
Fur Head Armor+ 4+ 3%– 1%3%
Fur Chest Armor+ 14+ 7%– 2%4%
Fur Arms Armor+ 1+ 1%03%
Fur Legs Armor+ 10+ 5%– 2%4%
Fur Feet Armor+ 1+ 2%03%
Full Fur Armor Set+ 30+ 18%– 5%+ 17%